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From October 2008, our project supports poor children in the south of Vietnam. We pay their tuition and other costs related to school, to make the children go (back) to school and get educated.

In Nha Trang, our fund is being helped by ms. Thanh, ms. Thuy, and ms. Chi . At the beginning of each month, they give the donated money, that we send, directly to the parents / guardians of ‘our’ children. These nice ladies are all doing this voluntarily; they only receive a small compensation of expenses such as for gasoline  and telephone.

The main purpose of our school project is to keep children of poor parents, which are forced to quit school, continue going to school by paying the costs of this. The reason for quitting school are, mainly, insufficient financial means of the parents, for example because of illness, a father who left or died, or extreme poorness. Every child in the world should at least have the chance for a good life. To learn how to read, write, count, etcetera, is crucial for such a chance in life.

Our fund prefers to support children who live at home, in a private family (not at an orphanage or children’s centre for homeless). Our (Western) welfare work may  disturb as less as possible the life of the supported pupil.

In October 2019, the number of supported children became 89. For most of these children, we searched and found personal sponsors for their tuition (monthly 12-16 euro). Our organization ensures these sponsors are updated about ‘their’ children by regularly sending school results and pictures.

Still there are some children without sponsor. We are searching for financial support for them.

Our fund supports children by paying the costs of going to school:

– 11 selected pupils from Dien Dien primary school (partly supported by primary school ‘De Wegwijzer’ in ’s Gravenmoer, the Netherlands),

– 53 selected pupils from four secundary schools in Dien Khanh (Tran Quang Khai, Mac Dinh Chi, Trinh Phong and Nguyen Du),

– 15 selected pupils from high schools: Hoang Hoa Tam, Nguyen Thai Hoc and Giao Duc Thuong Xuyen in Dien Khanh.

– 3 pupils from Cao Thang secondary school in Vinh Ngoc (Nha Trang)are supported by Looking-Forward United Kingdom.

– 7 individual pupils in Nha Trang city and Dien  Khanh district.

Next to the sponsoring of school money, our small fund is also working on some other projects. If you have some money left for poor, needy children, we ask you to spend this on one of the school related projects (see ‘Projecten’).

About twice a year we sent a newsletter with extra information to all sponsors.

Every year we try to travel to Vietnam (at own expense) to meet ‘our’ children, their parents / guardians, the 3 managers and to check all expenses. We  went back there from September first (1) until September 19, 2019. We wrote a daily report on this website. To find these reports, see ‘Reisverslagen’. These reports are in Dutch..

Hopefully you read our story and look at the significant pictures. We hope you feel sorry for these children and want to help them. Like a famous Dutch singer sings in one of his songs: ‘Throw a small rock in the river, so the stream will change forever! Or: You have the possibility to positively change the life of a poor child with only a small gift!

Thank you!

Johan and Lidy Verschuren-Heijkant, Dongen Vaart

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Besides (monthly) schoolmoney for ‘our’ children for regular 12-year education, our fund tries to finance some other small projects. We only do this when there is enough money. If you are attracted to a specific project and you like to support it, you can transfer money to our bank account: (BIC:  RABONL2U)  IBANnr. NL15RABO 01360.36.562 Looking-Forward foundation

Your gift does not have to be big. A t-shirt and pair of trousers for a child at Loc Tho orphanage costs only 3 euro. Giving breakfast to a hungry child for one week even costs less.

Project 1: A few schoolbooks more:

2014-5-23 Cau Thang (1)“Our” Looking-Forward-pupils get besides their monthly schoolfee also compensation for their needed schoolbooks. At the end of May, when school year has ended, pupils has to buy new schoolbooks for coming year to study. Manager Hiep buys all these book packages for all pupils for reduced prices. As a gesture of friendship principals from supported schools are aloud to choose 10 to 15 other pupils-in-great-needs to receive also a book package payed by our fund. Each year the L-F management decide how many pupils from poor parents we can make happy.


Project 2: Breakfast for Thuy, Trang, Thao, Hang and Thien

The schoolresults of 11-1 Hong Thuy (10), 12-1 Kim Trang (11), 13-1 Thanh Thao (11), 16-1 Thuy Hang (12) en 15-2 Hu’u Thien (14) are not good.  Our Vietnamese managers say this may be caused by a lack of food. These 5 children a very poor and often live without their parents.

There is sufficient money in the fund to give these children breakfast every morning for the next two months. A breakfast for a child costs 6000 Vietnamese Dong, this is about 20 euro cents. From Oktober 2011 mrs. Danh en mrs. Hiep take care of giving these children a breakfast, made of soup and rice. Hopefully we can continue giving the breakfasts after these months because you donated some euro for these hungry little children.

We decided the same week to give Minh Thuy from Project 3 (see later) also breakfast at the school canteen of  Tran Quang Khai School. This girl is very underfed and her disease will probably become less worse when she eats more and better.

At this point we already dare to buy breakfast for 8 children. The 8 child is the sick girl from Tran Quang Khai School, Thuy Nga, from Project 3 (see later). Healthcare is needed desperathly for these 2 girls, but this is not possible to arrange for such a small fund and too expensive. The other sick girl, Minh Thu, gets breakfast every day from November on. The director of the school, mr. Nam, says Thu is less sick and did not pass out since November.  We hope Nga will get better because of more and better food.


Project 3: Sick girls Thu and Nga

Minh Thu and Thuy Nga are two 13-year old students at Tran Quang Khai School. These girls are ill. They have problems breathing and / or problems with their heart. Their parents do not have money to go to a doctor or they do not want to spend their money on their daughter (this happens a lot in a country that is that unfriendly to women like Vietnam). We will try to help these 2 cute girls, with help of the school director, mr. Nam.We will only give help to the children directly, so the parents will not benefit from this. This is difficult, but with help of the very trustworthy mr. Nam, we think this is possible. This will be about some dozens of euro, more will not be possible for our small organisation.


Project 4: Extra English communication lessons for L-F-pupils on Hoang Hoa Tham high school. In November 2014 we started with these extra lessons on Saturday and Sunday evening in a room near HHT-school. At regular school the pupils learn writing and reading English, but not practice speaking. They want to do it, but they don’t dare. We offer a voluntary group HHT-students help with this free communication lessons. Costs are for our fund: 2,5 million VND for teacher and classroom rent a month/ Special E-communication schoolbooks.


Project 5: Vinh Ngoc-primary school schoolbooks: At the beginning of the new schoolyear we donate about 20 packages of schoolbooks and notebooks to a selected group of poor pupils at this little school in the countryside.